2021 Year End Wind Up

31 Dec

Well, so far the 20’s have been… interesting. Yes, I know there’s no year 0.

Fitness: My goal was to do a pull up.

Lame Duck: Shoulder’s a little off so I haven’t been weight training in a few weeks. My parents gave me their bowflex when they moved, and I’m noticing a huge difference in my grip strength. A pull up? Not risking my shoulder right now. I remember a few years ago I recovered from plantar fasciitis and then immediately tried jumping rope and bringing it right back, so not taking the bait. I’d love to restart P90X in January, but I might loan my cousin my DVDs. I got my spin bike fixed so that’s basically what I’ve been doing in addition to stretching. My shoulder feels so good right now compared to how it felt about three weeks ago, and I don’t want to push it. My ankle feels a lot better in general, so across the board YAY.


I only knocked it out of the park because of audiobooks. I was carpooling in 2019/2020; my partner has moved on so I drive by myself so I listen to books on my way to work, as well as when I’m going to the lake or wahtever. I was hoping to read the entire Wheel of Time in a year; but I’m cheap and used the library so that didn’t happen because I’d have to wait between titles. I seem to be at a gap so I might be quick for the final 3.5 books. The only other goal is to finish series and try to get the books on my Goodreads list. I am really not all that fussy; Ron loans me books and I still try to read a lot of small/indie books.


Self Publishing

I self-published The Mermaid and the Unicorns. I wrote it for my oldest niece, who is now 14 (? !!!) same as Garnet and Silver TBH. I developed it because it was relatively short and fun. I really enjoyed the self-publishing process, so I think I’ll do more.

So some of you may know I started developing Garnet and Silver: A Faerie Tale for publication several years ago. I told myself I’d do it after I signed a few contracts with different publishers, either for books or shorts or whatever. Part of it was telling myself I needed to work to get the job I wanted, but let’s be honest I chickened out. The only reason I haven’t really put it out this year is I have a wrap cover and the image is sitting, locked, on an older computer. I have the cover image I love but I like the back shot too.

I have tried my best to unlock it. I am going to try again in January, but I think I’ll call it sometime next week, and just come up with a different back.

I also have a novella that’s pretty much ready to go. Odds are it’ll launch early January.

Other Writing: I had a bunch of very ambitious writing goals for 2021 and basically I’ve been a write off since late August. I have gotten Titan’s Ascent to a manageable size, and while I haven’t gotten it to a place where I want to send it into Champagne Books, I’m supposed to have a tour off in January. I put in for more time off, but work is offering to buy back our vacation – again – and meanwhile what’s the only thing that I told my Con Ed I need to work on, really? Taking down time and doing things I enjoy. Thing is, this part of writing isn’t the as enjoyable part. I enjoy editing, but this is more brain-heavy.

I’m not going to push myself for finishing Titan’s Ascent, as Champagne has been sitting on Magus’ Gambit for like two years, and assuming Cassie turns around with a contract in a month or two we still won’t be in production any time soon.

In the meantime, I have those two novella-length shorts to work on, and assuming I don’t philander and play I can pick something else from the pile to fix and send to Cassie. The way I see it, is she can hum and haw over those two sequels while I work on something different so that way if she says “Yes more please” I have a two book head start before I start working on book 4+, plus maybe something that stands alone for her consideration. Okay, a lie; book 4 has a few scenes written and because I yoinked a bunch out of book 3 several parts of book 5 are written. If she says, “No” I turn around with a completely different product.

On top of that, I started have loosely started on the sequel to The Mermaid and the Unicorns. I had several ideas, my niece wants more of the puppeteers, but so far it’s really focusing on Espy as the MC as opposed to Daphne, but it’s in the percolating stage so there’s no guarantee the end product will resemble this idea stage.

Other goals: Paint. I doubt even if things go back to normal I’ll be traveling any time soon (maybe in country. I want to see Tolfino, at least once) and I have some lovely oil paints, so on top of all those creative writing goals, do some painting. Yes, my inking and map making have gotten better. I didn’t put the map I was goofing around with in the book because ebook/print book issues. The cute one really needed color to pop ebookwise, so I was like ‘meh’ and skipped it.

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