Freedom Convoy 2022 and… vacation update/goals

27 Jan

Of course I support the convoy. I shouldn’t have to be working my shift, picking up an extra shift or two (at 12 hrs a pop) to keep ambulances running, and rallying to defend the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and protesting the Nuremberg Code.

This is actually the second one; a group left from Alberta in the fall and was there for weeks. It’s non-violent protests, and while I don’t doubt some people who are violently inclined will try to attach themselves, I suspect more spin and bull from our Coward Prime Minister’s bought and paid for news spin cycle.

This is not about what you think about the vaccine. This is about Canada as a society, if we respect our own laws and if we’re going to start treating people as inferior because they don’t do as they’re told by so-called ‘leaders’ who cannot mail envelopes to their members to vote, can’t keep ICU’s open, keep making decisions that make good people leave, etc.

I’m not saying that unvaccinated people have the right to go into countries that demand vaccination, or that maybe people should stop using caution. You pick your risk level, and stop penalizing businesses. I have spent the last ten years having it drilled in my head the importance of medical privacy. I know we’re all tired and want this to end. Demonizing people who don’t think like you is wrong.

How I did Goal Wise

What can I say; I picked up shifts. One of my education ‘goals’ was to take down time and do the things I enjoy. I refuse to partake in Trudeau’s Segregation, so no going to the pool or meeting people at a coffee shop, and most people I know V’d or Un-V’d are getting sick so it was a lot of hang around the house. I usually take two tours off in January and for whatever reason, my year-approved vacation got messed up. Refused a day in July, didn’t tell me about the week in August, and I normally get two tours off in January yet they gave me one tour and I still got a phone call concerning my first day off. I tried to request another tour off as I have stat days, and of course none of which was approved.

Work’s burned me out before, and I came back. I’m not letting them do it to me again. I’m giving myself grace.

Finish that Room

Work owes me money. I am sick and tired of dealing with payroll, but I am not holding my breath it’ll be taken care of any time soon. My house is like thirty and no one has finished that room; the insulation can wait and I’ll try to finish it later.

Publish Underman

It wasn’t as polished as I thought it was, so I went through a round of edits. So the plan is to give it another round of polish, but it won’t take long. It’ll take longer to find all the sites to upload it to, so I’ll do the same thing with Straw Man.

Design a Wrap for Garnet and Silver

This I did. I have a little bit of design choice to do for the spine, but given I’m not in a rush to publish it. Right now, the goal is to finish Underman/TA and then look at G&S for March.

Edit Titan’s Ascent

Yeah I went through it. See Underman: Needs more polish. I really like the story and I want to go deeper, if that makes any sense.

Oil Paint at least one picture

Never got around to it. To be fair, I didn’t do as much drawing because of my shoulder, either. I went for massage and I did a hard massage on my shoulder too. I am back to lifting weights, just trying to avoid the overarm exercises. Never stopped spinning, so there’s that too.

Finish Rough Drafts on those Novellas

NOPE. My plan right now is to do them at work. I need to fix my printer and can print out what I have written; I did do this then I chucked out the papers because I was in a mood in the fall. I’m still in a mood; but I’m also at a place where I know my creating stuff is necessary for my mental health.

Basically I don’t consider it as having a vacation so much as just having alternative days off. I have a few days off and I think I’m going to just enjoy them.

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