First Week of Big Ol’ Virtual Tours

30 Apr

Just a quick round up of this week’s virtual blog tour. Check out these blogs beyond interviews and my articles; some are authors and editors. Also follow along for a chance to win a Gift Card to an online book seller of your choice (Let’s be honest, almost everyone will pick Amazon but I’m a Kobo reader). Just always be respectful in the comments when it comes to opinions.

Witchslayer’s Scion (Interviews and Articles)

Sadie’s Spotlight

Andi’s Book Reviews

Kit ‘n Kabookle

All the Ups and Downs

Lisa Haselton

Book Reviews for The Mermaid and the Unicorns

Kit ‘n Kabookle

Sandra’s Book Club

We got more of the same for the next few weeks. Witchslayer’s Scion will run during the week until May 13, and The Mermaid and the Unicorns the reviews will launch Tuesday until May 17. In the meantime, if you’re new to my work or the blog welcome, feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to keep it book related, but my property is slowly becoming waterfront. Eeep.

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