Week One Round Up / More on Adaptation

6 Sep

Sorry for the delay – yesterday after my pre-work nap, my ankle decided to swell up and I can barely put any weight on it.

Literary Gold

Andi’s Middle Grade and Chapter Books

All the Ups and Downs

Fabulous and Brunette

The Avid Reader

Give some love to The Avid Reader, because no matter what I try I can’t share her link on Facebook. I talked to Marianne about it, she said it’s an ongoing issue Facebook will not resolve.

Also, I need to learn to stop sending pictures with my articles, no one ever uses them.

Here’s that picture of the kelpie referenced in today’s blog about ten fearsome water creatures:

And above is the size difference between humans, great whites and Megalodons. Artist rendering but you get the idea.

So I know on Facebook I said I would not watch Rings of Power until I saw my dad, but he’s not coming in this week and I go laid up with the ankle so I watched the first two episodes, he doesn’t seem particularly keen. I’m going to give my opinion after I see all the entire first season, all i wanted to say is yeah, there’s problems but most people are distracted by how beautiful everything is. Try not to stress out about it; I was chatting with someone I knew from Highschool and I used the analogy of Wicked! The musical as it relates to the original books of Oz. Now, I was a reader and I watched this anime cartoon as a kid. I’m not calling myself an Oz Purist, but I can enjoy Wicked! for what it is (I have never seen it, no, but I read the books) but I don’t understand why people get all antsy about discussing movies, saying you’re a phobe or an ist when it comes out, then like a year later we can all agree the writing on the New Star Wars movies was not its strong point.

As a kid Return to Oz scared me; this one was almost as bad when we got to the gnomes but, I don’t think anything is going to scare me as much as that Princess stealing heads.

Anyway, I will reserve judgement on RoP but will point out that there wasn’t enough that they did have to expand on the lore… but really they changed around a lot of the lore anyway, so it felt very picky-choosy what they wanted to follow. Now, it’s more likely than not we’re not going to get a big reveal – adaptations, especially movies always seemed dumbed down from source material, I think a big part of that is audience expectation. I do find it a little frustrating when people look at the film version as the canonical one, but that’s a rant for another day.

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