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6 Feb

Celia Breslin, one of the authors I interviewed around Christmas time (well, in the bonus round, anyway…) interviewed me over at her blog. 

In random musings, this is just an observation not so much for my book so much as others I’ve written – I noticed when I was searching out reviewer blogs and I noticed something I hadn’t before. I like that we actually have terms like “YA, Middle Grade, Adult” but this “New Adult” is throwing me, but only because I seem to read sci-fi/fantasy books (and write them, for that matter) where there is no “New Adult” in their society – sort of like how teenagers can get married and reach majority at a young age (there is no ‘finding yourself’ in the dystopia de jour), I’ve written books where age of majority is sixteen, and I know I’m not the only writer who does this; a friend and I were arguing as to whether or not it was content that deemed whether or not George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire were YA or not (my argument was that even though I didn’t doubt lots of thirteen year olds read the book, they could in no way be directly marketed to them due to content, even though we have considerably younger viewpoint characters in the books – if you disagree, feel free to throw it in here) so I have to ask – what, by definition, is New Adult, and can, for example, a character who would normally be considered a teenager in our world still have that definition in a different context where they’re forced to grow up quickly? (I’m not referring to ‘I raised my siblings as my own’ so much as ‘I joined the army at sixteen, got married at seventeen, had babies at eighteen’; the novel starts when the character is 20, has buried a child/spouse/parent and is, by all definitions in that world, an adult).

Once again, this has got nothing to do with the current novel, so much as me meandering for future projects. I always considered the expressions marketing terms.

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