A Glowing Review and My Prrrrrecious…

7 Apr

I should have mentioned this earlier this week, but I just got a glowing review from a writer I’m friends with, author of TimeWarp Inc., Cotton E. Davis. He had some wonderful things to say about Tower of Obsidian, so if you’re curious, check out what he had to say. I’m very pleased with the reviews so far – and don’t get me wrong, I think I’m still a ways away from getting good at this, but I’m glad that the reviews I’ve seen so far indicate that the writing is at-par.

Why have I been so busy? Well, part of it was birthday stuff – mostly because I got a special birthday present. We’re still getting used to each other, but I’d like y’all to meet Dodger:


Timid little guy, but he’s fun when he gets around to playing. I seem to suck with handling the separation anxiety, because I’m all for the cuddling. He’s so soft!

Finally, if you haven’t yet and you’re Canadian, please consider the Aurora Awards. 

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