Daily Book Meme: Day 28

12 Sep

Day 28 – Favorite title


Picked because it’s also my favorite cover of the series.

I suck with coming up with my own titles. I’ve had finished books sitting there for a while before I came up with a title – come to think of it, I’d already written ¾ of Tower of Obsidian before I came up with a title beyond, “Historical Fantasy – Untitled”, which, by the way, I wrote the latter-half of the novel mostly first (I wanted to swap with Ron, so I had to go back and write the beginning because we swap stuff in mostly chronological order – it’s easiest to judge work if that’s the case).

I like a lot of the titles in the Malazan Series – some more than others. I like that the series has its sequence name without being just named after the first book (The Malazan Book of the Fallen – love that series name). Runners up outside of this sequence includes River of Stars (Guy Gavriel Kay) and Kiss of the Fur Queen (Thomson Highway). I love it when an author can name the book something, and you think you know why, but you find out why about halfway or three-quarters through the book, but I like it when you reference something seemingly natural and it’s absolutely not.

On the other hand, sometimes you just need to call it something. That’s how I feel about titles. “That Book where That Guy does That Thing…” I think catchy titles are a must, and I swear I’ll get better at them over time.

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