So my book’s been out for a year now / What I’ve learned

4 Mar

Before I get too far – C4’s gearing up for the end of the month. It’ll be at the Norwood Hotel in Winnipeg – in the meantime, you can check out the lineup/authors and do some fun voting ahead of time here. Congratulation to the winners and runners up of the short story contest.

So my first book’s been out for a year as of February (blah blah blah no laptop, see last post). The eBook, anyway – I didn’t get my paws on to a hard copy of Tower of Obsidian until the last week of October, but given that I started the book for Nano 2010 (and I had been writing for years before that) I’ll admit the entire process is different being on one side of the gate compared to the other.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m with a small publisher and I think I’ve a ways to go before I consider myself an expert – but it’s different then how I thought it was going to be. I didn’t expect anything fancy or for much conversation, but I find myself really strongly believing that review space is sacred, and that while it is my job to promote my work, I’d rather have solid conversations then sales and I’ve been given a ton of support, which is pretty nice considering while I’ve been writing novel-length fiction since junior high, this whole promotion thing is new to me and I’m probably a sucky salesperson.

So I guess I’m odd, but that’s okay. I’m finally getting decent on this keyboard, so between that, working on promotional material for the end of the month and internal job applications, I can hope that I can focus again on the projects I’ve finished and am finishing and find a home for them.

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