NANOWRIMO and an Apology

31 Oct

So I fell off the bandwagon for the WIP Joy for October. If you follow me on FB, you’ll note that I was posting pictures for Inktober as well. And then, a sudden… full stop.

I used to draw quite a bit – I never got good at inking, and I attempted to ink my work and it… wasn’t good. But I didn’t think the pencils were particularly good, either. I figured I’d keep at it and get inspired at Winnipeg’s C4 Comic Con. Didn’t really feel it this year, which is surprising, because I didn’t have to rush off to work (though not for lack of offers, hah!) so yeah – I’m making it a thing to keep drawing. I’ve been drawing more than I’ve been writing lately, and I figured it wouldn’t be a terrible thing as NaNoWriMo is just around the corner.

Writing wise I was patting myself on the back for being around 90k, but I’m thinking I’m cutting a major thing out of the book. In a nutshell, in book I introduced the idea of a character being able to see possibilities of the future, however jarbled and moldable. This idea carried over to book 2, and I came up with the idea about the past catching up with a character, and not being able to outrun it. This was also in the planning when I had one major plot going, but for whatever reason, I’m running an A plot and a B plot simultaneously, so adding segments of a character’s past that seem to have no connection at first sounds artsy fun, but my goal right now is to keep the word count from looking too intimidating, plus this book has been way more fun to write then others in the series.

So yeah – I’ve been around 96k for about a week but my guess is that’ll drop down to at least 70k, because I wrote a good chunk of the past. As for what I’m doing for my NaNo, I’m leaning towards science fiction. I’m a pantser, honestly I’m tempted to be workign on two books at once, writing 1k daily on the current project and 1k on a new project. I also set myself up some end-of-the-year goals that I have to hit if I want to travel in the new year. I’m behind, eeee.

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